Xie Wang

Visiting Scholar


  University of Pennsylvania, 2016-present
Visiting Scholar with Professor Gary A. Molander

Ph.D. Hunan University, 2012-Present
with Prof. Xinhua Xu

Current Research:
    Synthesis of Azaborines

  • Nickel-Catalyzed Direct C (sp3)–H Arylation of Aliphatic Amides with Thiophenes Wang, X.; Zhu, L.; Chen, S.; Xu., X.; Au, C.-T.; Qui, R.Org. Lett. 2015, 17, 5228
  • Cesium-Catalyzed Regioselective Synthesis of Trisubstituted Heteroatom Alkenes: A New Strategy for the Preparation of Functional Alkenes Chen, J.; Tang, Z.; Qiu, R.; He, Y.; Wang, X.; Li, N.; Yi, H.; Au, C.-T.; Yin, S.-F.; Xu, X.Org. Lett. 2015, 17, 2162
  • Nickel-Catalyzed Direct Thiolation of C(sp3)–H Bonds in Aliphatic Amides Wang, X.; Qiu, R.; Yan, C.; Reddy, V. P.; Zhu, L. Xu, X.; Yin, S.-F.Org. Lett. 2015, 17, 1970
  • Cesium hydroxide-catalyzed isomerization of terminal alkynes for the synthesis of O-allenes and N-allenes Li, Y.; Chen, J.; Qiu, R.; Wang, X.; Long, J.; Zhu, L.; Au, C.-T. Xu, X. Tetrahedron Lett. 2015, 56, 5504
  • Strong Lewis acid air-stable cationic titanocene perfluoroalkyl(aryl)sulfonate complexes as highly efficient and recyclable catalysts for C–C bond forming reactions Li, N.; Wang, J.; Zhang, Z.; Qiu, R.; Wang, X.; Chen, J.; Yin, S.-F. Xu, X. Dalton Trans. 2014, 43, 11696
  • Air-stable zirconocene bis(perfluorobutanesulfonate) as a highly efficient catalyst for synthesis of α-aminophosphonates via Kabachnik–Fields reaction under solvent-free condition Li, N.; Wang, X.; Qiu, R.; Xu, X.; Chen, J.; Zhang, X.; Chen, S.; Yin S.-F.Catal. Commun. 2014, 43, 184
  • Hydroselenation of Terminal Alkynes Catalyzed by Cesium Hydroxide: Highly Stereo- and Regio-selective Synthesis of (E)-1-Arylselenoalkenes Li, Wang, X.; Li, Z.; Zhang, W.; Wang, X.; Chen, J.; Li, N.; Qiu, R.; Xu, X. Chin. J. Org. Chem. 2013, 33, 558
  • Bisperfluorobutylsulfonate Bisbutyltin Catalyzed Allylation and Mukaiyama-aldol Reaction of Aldehyde Liu, Y.; Wang, X.; Chen, J.; Li, N.; Xu, X.Chin. J. Org. Chem. 2012, 32, 2328