Mark Campbell

Graduate Student


  University of Pennsylvania, 2017 - present
Graduate student with Prof. Gary A. Molander

B.S. Kent State University, 2016
with Profs Paul Sampson and Alex Seed
Current Research:
    Photoredox Catalysis

  • Synthesis of α-Fluoro-α-amino Acid Derivatives via Photoredox-Catalyzed Carbofluorination, Sim, J.; Campbell, M. W.; Molander, G. A. ACS Catal., 2019, 9, 1558.
  • Development of a sp2–sp3 Stille Cross-Coupling for Rapid Synthesis of HIV NNRTI Doravirine Analogues, El Marrouni, A.; Campbell, M.; Perkins, J.; Converso, A. Org. Lett., 2017, 19, 3071.